This page lists all our home study massage video courses – the largest and most in depth Thai Massage course selection in video format. They offer outstanding training, guaranteed to add many new and valuable skills to your practice. And our support is personal, friendly, and second to none. That’s a promise!

Learning Thai Massage at home has never been easier!

  • Convenience – learn in the comfort of your own home
  • Flexibility – learn at your own pace and schedule
  • Affordability – your investment is a fraction of the cost of live courses
  • High Quality instruction – as good or better than in a live class
  • Support – personalized support by the instructor

Complete Thai Massage logoComplete Thai Massage
Our Most Comprehensive And Most Popular Course
Complete Full Body Thai Massage training from A to Z

If you want to learn the entire Thai Massage system, this is your best choice. This course includes:

  • All positions: supine, prone, side and sitting
  • Wide range of techniques for different body sizes and weights
  • Highly specific therapeutic applications
  • Working with energy, breath and intuition
  • Correct ergonomics for working without stressing your own body
  • Communication secrets to greatly improve your therapeutic skills
  • 3 additional free bonus courses
  • Personalized support with direct access to the instructor
  • Structured and interactive learning system
  • Free advertising of your website, courses and events
  • 30 day “Learn Massage Or Don’t Pay” satisfaction guarantee

Certification program and NCBTMB approved CE credits available (30 CE hours)

Complete Thai Massage – 50 modules, 22 hours – For more information  CLICK HERE

TBM120pxThai Back Massage covers every possible way to work on the back from the sacrum to the top of the back. It is the most comprehensive and in depth Thai Back Massage video training course on the market, and will turn students into expert specialists for back work.

  • Become one of those hard to find back massage specialists
  • Learn to work effectively on large clients even if you are small
  • Detailed section on anatomy and problems of the back
  • A systematic and complete spinal manipulation and stretching section

Certification program and NCBTMB approved CE credits available (22 CE hours)

  • Thai Back Massage –  23 modules, 12 hours – For more information  CLICK HERE

TRM120pxThai Rocking Massage is a true evolution in Thai Massage. It is a modification and refinement of Thai Massage which adds continuous motion and rocking elements to the techniques. It is especially useful for therapeutic work.
This modality will bring your massage skills to a higher level.

  • Adds a creative and flowing element to Thai Massage
  • Can be applied to Thai Massage or other massage styles
  • Eliminates stress on therapist’s hands, wrists and thumbs
  • Increases the effectiveness of stretches
  • Reduces the intensity of pressure and stretches for clients
  • Ideal for specific therapeutic work
  • Activates internal energy flow
  • Has an almost hypnotic effect on client and feels great

Certification program and NCBTMB approved CE credits available (12 CE hours)

  • Thai Rocking Massage – 11 modules, 5.5 hrs – For more information   CLICK HERE

Thai Foot Massage logoThis is the authentic, enjoyable and effective foot massage system which is highly popular in Thailand.
This course covers Thai Foot Massage and Thai Reflexology. This will add an entire massage modality and a new income stream to your practice.

  • Foot massage as part of Thai Massage sessions uses pressure points, foot manipulations and stretches, without use of oil. This is generally done on a floor mat.
  • The Thai version of reflexology is done with lotion and is not part of Thai Massage sessions. It is done with the client sitting in a chair.

Certification program and NCBTMB approved CE credits available (10 CE hours).

  • Thai Foot Massage – 10 modules, 5 hours – For more information  CLICK HERE

hip therapy120pxThai Hip Therapy is a highly comprehensive and detailed video training for therapists who want to be competent and confident to deal with a wide variety of hip problems. This course is a complete system for becoming a competent specialist for hip therapy.

What you will learn:

  • Recognize and assess hip problems
  • Improve and restore full range of motion in the hip joint
  • Learn a complete and methodical system for hip therapy
  • Reverse or prevent hip deterioration

Certification program and NCBTMB approved CE credits available (12 CE hours).

  • Thai Hip Therapy – 11 modules, 6 hours – For more information  CLICK HERE

thai massage for sciatica logoThai Massage For Sciatica is a multimedia training program (video, audio, and text) which covers all aspects of successful Thai Massage sciatica therapy. If you want to become knowledgeable and skilled to work on clients with sciatic pain, this course will give you all the tools you need.

What you will learn:

  • Theory and anatomy of the two sciatica “hot spots”
  • The bigger picture of sciatica treatment options
  • Interviewing and educating your clients effectively
  • The most effective Thai Massage techniques for sciatica problems
  • Giving you clients “homework” assignments to help themselves
  • An overview of other holistic treatment methods for sciatica

Certification program and NCBTMB approved CE credits available (8 CE hours).

  • Thai Massage For Sciatica – 9 modules, 4 hrs – For more information  CLICK HERE

Thai Massage Therapy logoThai Massage Therapy Series
If you want to learn highly specific therapeutic applications, our in depth therapy courses will take your Thai Massage skills to a whole new level.

Please note: These courses are designed for experienced therapists or graduates of our Complete Thai Massage home study program.

Knee Therapy  – 5 modules, 2 hrs 30 minutes

Arm and Hand Massage  – 2 modules, 73 minutes

Hamstring Therapy  – 4 modules, 2 hours

Thai Massage For Sciatica –  9 modules,  4 hrs

Sacrum Therapy – 2 modules,  73 minutes

Therapy Communication Secrets – 1 module, 25 minutes

7 Ways To Move The Spine  –  1 module, 49 minutes

Ultimate Shoulder Massage – 9 modules, 4 hrs. 45 minutes

For details  CLICK HERE

For details  CLICK HERE

For details  CLICK HERE

For details  CLICK HERE

For details  CLICK HERE

For details  CLICK HERE

For details  CLICK HERE

For details  CLICK HERE

Heavenly Head Massage logoHeavenly Head Massage is a unique therapy for chest, neck, head and face. It will calm your mind, balance your energy, make you feel like you just went to heaven or put you into a trance-like state. If you want to be be sure that your clients have a truly heavenly experience, this is your ticket! You can use this training in three ways:

  • As the ideal way to end any massage session
  • As a complete stand-alone massage modality
  • As a highly effective neck therapy system

Certification program and NCBTMB approved CE credits available (12 CE hours)

  • Heavenly Head Massage – 14 modules, 6 hrs – For details  CLICK HERE

Abdominal Massage Therapy logoAbdominal massage is much more than massage on one specific part of the body. It reaches all areas of the body through energy lines which are the basis of all Asian massage modalities. The abdomen is the physical and energetic center of the body and contains the largest concentration of organs in the body.

Abdominal massage can be very effective with many problems including issues with digestion, lower back, reproductive organs and emotional trauma. This system can be used with any massage modality or as a stand-alone therapy. It is an essential skill for every massage therapist.

  • Abdominal Massage – 3 modules, 1.8 hours – For details  CLICK HERE

Ultimate Shoulder Massage logoUltimate Shoulder Massage is THE most comprehensive shoulder therapy training program on the market. You will learn 80 specific techniques for the shoulder area. With this training you can easily specialize and work for one or even two hours just on the shoulders.

The techniques are powerful, but easy on the hands of the therapist. Instead of static or direct pressure, motion techniques are used like rocking, swinging, and circular movements.

Certification program and NCBTMB approved CE credits available (10 CE hours).

  • Ultimate Shoulder Massage – 9 modules, 4.8 hrs. For details  CLICK HERE

Hands Free Massage logoHands Free Massage is an essential skill to preserve the health of your hands.
This video training course is a therapist’s career saver, an ‘insurance policy’ for your hands. It teaches you dozens of ways to work effectively with other body parts besides your hands: forearms, elbows, knees, and feet.

It is the great equalizer for small therapists who want to work easily and safely on larger clients.
This must-have course also teaches you effective and powerful therapy techniques without needing to use lots of energy and muscle strength.

NCBTMB approved CE credits available (8 CE hours)

  • Hands Free Massage – 9 modules, 5 hrs, 20 min – For details  CLICK HERE

Magic Touch Secrets logoMagic Touch Secrets teaches the most important skill for any massage therapist – how to improve the quality of your touch. Massage is not just a technique, it is an art. This essential course is not about new techniques, but about transforming the techniques which you already know.

You will learn 25 steps to creating a magic touch, developing a refined sense of sending and receiving energy through your hands, and learning to move energy instead of just physical body parts.

** This course is included as a bonus module with our Complete Thai Massage training program.

  • Magic Touch Secrets – 2 modules, 1.5 hrs – For details CLICK HERE

Body Mastery for massage logoBody Mastery For Massage teaches you how to perfect the use of your own body – 50 ways to use your hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet creatively, safely and effectively:

  • Over 20 methods to use your hands
  • 7 ways to use your forearms
  • 5 methods to use your elbows
  • 7 ways to use your knees
  • 7 ways to use your feet

** This course is included as a bonus module with our Complete Thai Massage training program.

  • Body Mastery For Massage – 2 modules, 1.5 hrs – For details  CLICK HERE

Massage for friends and family logoMassage For Friends And Family is a delightful, practical and easy to use course. Massage is not limited to an official work environment. It can be a wonderful tool to enrich your life, improve your relationships, help your friends, your family and those you love.

This course is designed for those who want to learn massage as a life-changing hobby or skill that can bring joy and satisfaction to your life and those around you.

  • Massage For Friends & Family – 5 modules, 2 hrs – For details  CLICK HERE

Course Features

  • All courses are instantly downloadable – no shipping costs
  • Full support by the instructor – all your questions are answered
  • Risk Free purchase with our Learn Massage Or Don’t Pay guarantee
  • Detailed video, step by step, easy to follow explanations
  • Access to our interactive forum for networking and inspiration
  • Certification and CEU options.  All details are on THIS PAGE
Thai Massage side stretch

Thai Massage side stretch


image of Thai Massage traction move

Thai Massage tractioning


image of Thai Massage side position

Thai Massage side position