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Massage, Sensuality, Sexuality and Relationships

What kind of title is this? I can tell you. It is the title of a new series of articles I am writing. It will be about real life, not an official version of massage which is approved by an American massage association with a long list of ethics rules. It won’t be about clinical massage facts that have been verified by a consortium of scientists.

These articles will show you massage from many perspectives, not just from the point of view of professional massage therapists. Massage can be a part of life in many ways. It is not something that only exists in an office building, administered by someone with a bunch of official letters behind their names, and done only if you sign a form that you won’t sue your therapist.

Of course there is nothing wrong with that if massage is done in such a professional environment. But there is also another world out there where people touch each other, love each other, form relationships, and deal with their pets and children. Touch and massage can be and often is part of all of those. I live in Thailand where Thai Massage culture is very much part of people’s lives, and it is much more visible than in the western world.

There are many people who know a lot more about massage’s clinical benefits and related scientific research than I do. But after over 12 years of practicing and teaching various massage modalities, I do know a lot about how it makes people feel, how it can help them, how it can improve all kinds of issues from pain to injury to headaches, how it can help in relationships,  how it can help to establish new friendships, and how it can be part of your life outside of a professional setting.

I am sure not everyone will agree with what I am writing, and I am okay with that. I’d rather be controversial and interesting than boring and predictable.

I already started the series with my last article about massage and feelings. Stay tuned for a lot more  to come, and feel free to comment and participate. I always value your opinions and input.

2 comments to Massage, Sensuality, Sexuality and Relationships

  • Graham

    I had an amusing thought. Your special massages have been slowly heading south, from heavenly head to abdominal. Perhaps it is the time you did step over the boundary and you could develop a gentle genital or awesome anal massage.

    I can promise you it would soon hot things up pretty well. The hit counter on your web site would go seismic!

    Personally I think that all types of massage are great, but unfortunately when it gets to the sexual area its dynamite. So often massage gets bad press through the promise of wandering into the sexual zone without being clear beforehand.

    • Graham, there actually is a modality called “Genital Massage”. It was created at Mantak Chia’s Tao Garden resort near Chiang Mai, Thailand. He even wrote a book about it. However it is not sexual or sensual at all. I tried it out, and it was quite painful.

      It is supposed to be highly therapeutic, but since there is nothing wrong with me, I’d rather stay with my own not painful massage styles. Anyway, just to clarify it, the therapist never actually touched my genitals but worked in the genital area. It is supposed to be helpful for prostate problems and reproductive issues.
      Anyway, this is not my area of expertise or interest.

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